Steve Bannon takes aim at China in film based on Huawei exec Meng Wanzhou’s Canadian detention

OTTAWA—Canada plays a starring role in a soon-to-be-released film aimed at exposing China’s bid for world domination through technology — produced by one-time Trump strategist Steve Bannon.

Steve Bannon Film, 'Claws Of The Red Dragon', Tackles Canada's Arrest of Huawei Exec Meng Wanzhou

Bannon has described China as the “greatest national security threat.”

Exclusive: Inside Huawei Canada: ‘Wolf Culture’ and Alleged Discrimination

TORONTO—When Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei executive at the centre of a diplomatic row between China and Canada, visited the Toronto office of the Chinese telecom giant in 2016, the talk from local … (Read more…)

Huawei Is Cornerstone of CCP Initiative to Overtake the United States

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is pushing a goal, under the banner of sovereignty, of eliminating reliance on foreign systems within China and then ensuring Chinese-made systems dominate the global landscape … (Read more…)

How Huawei’s Rise Coincided With Telecom Giant Nortel’s Demise

TORONTO—Chinese telecommunications giants footprint in the development of the next generation of mobile technology in Canada—where Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested on Dec. 1 at the request of U.S. government… (Read more…)

Huawei Insider Reveals Company’s Intimate Relationship With the Chinese Communist Party

Huawei’s ownership structure and its relationship with Beijing authorities have been hotly debated in the Western… (Read more…)

Former Employee Discloses Huawei’s True Power

When Huawei is defeated, the Chinese regime will be close to total collapse because Huawei is the last bastion of the regime, according to a former Huawei employee Chinese telecom giant Huawei got a bad …(Read more…)

Portuguese Entrepreneur Claims Huawei Stole His Camera Invention

Chinese tech giant files lawsuit against inventor amid settlement talks. A Portuguese entrepreneur claims that Chinese tech giant Huawei stole his 360-degree smartphone-attachable camera invention… (Read more…)

Exclusive: Pentagon Technology Found Its Way to the Chinese Military

The Chinese regime’s fifth-generation fighters, state-of-the-art naval cruisers, and soon-to-be-launched aircraft carriers are more deadly than they otherwise would be because they are equipped with advanced fiber-optic cable originally built … (Read more…)

Chinese Electronics Force You to Abide by Chinese Censorship

looking to pick up a phone or laptop made by a Chinese company, be sure to read the fine print in the terms of service. You may be putting yourself at the mercy of Chinese law. The policies may give a glimpse of what…(Read more…)

Tools Huawei Developed to Persecute Falun Gong Now Repress All of China

News Analysis WASHINGTON—While the West has only recently recognized the potential security threat posed by Chinese telecommunications company … (Read more…)

Exclusive: Pentagon Technology Found Its Way to the Chinese Military

Embattled Chinese telecom giant Huawei has been able to expand its business internationally even as many governments around the world voice their concerns about the security of its equipment … (Read more…)

Huawei’s ‘Dare to Die’ Business Model

In his analysis of Huawei’s business model, Chinese economist Wang Shuangyi came to the conclusion that the massive tech company serves as a “gan si DUI,” or “dare to die” kamikaze unit in Beijing’s strategy …(Read more…)

Huawei’s History: Taking From IBM and Cisco

A look into Huawei’s history reveals a pattern of plagiarism, theft of intellectual property, and hostile competition, through which the company became the world’s biggest producer of telecommunications equipment… (Read more…)

Huawei and the Creation of China’s Orwellian Surveillance State

Telecom company plays a pivotal role in establishing high-tech totalitarianism across China’s cities, provinces … (Read more…)

Links Between China’s Biggest Telecom Company and Taliban Regime

While there is much scrutiny about Huawei’s role in communist China’s efforts to extend its influence worldwide, it’s less known that the telecommunications company… (Read more…)

Ban Huawei to Escape China’s Digital Dictatorial Embrace

Free nations of the world have a choice: They can ban Chinese telecommunications giants such as Huawei and ZTE from building or dominating their next-generation digital communication networks … (Read more…)

Huawei Reveals China’s Foreign Policy Agenda

‘Crown jewel’ telecom firm identified as a tool of anti-American apparatus … (Read more…)

Huawei’s Expansion in Africa Comes Under Scrutiny

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei’s market dominance in Africa can be exemplified by remarks made in 2016 by Pang Jimin, then-president of the company’s Global Government Affairs department. (Read more…)